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Our Team

STLI has a devoted team that serves in Kyrgyzstan and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.  Each staff member and volunteer is committed to developing people to develop their country.


We have five local staff and 25 pro bono professionals, representing seven nationalities, serving in their fields of expertise including agriculture, education, medical and dental training, appropriate technology, leadership, and community development. We also have several others planning to join us in the next year.

U.S. Board of Directors

Our board of directors is comprised of six men and women from the business, medical, architectural, counseling, and nonprofit fields - several of whom have experience living and serving in Central Asia and the Middle East.

Kurdistan Region of Iraq

We have one local staff and 14 pro bono professionals, representing five nationalities, serving in their fields of expertise, including education, medical care and training, small business development, agriculture consulting, refugee assistance, and counseling. We have several others planning to join us in the next year.

U.S. Team

Our staff of three is comprised of professionals with diverse backgrounds, including experience living and serving overseas.

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