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STLI Projects in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Through this project, STLI physicians and nurses provide basic primary medical care, and also women’s medical care, for the Yezidi Internally Displaced People living in the Khanke area of the KRI.  The clinic provides medical care as well as addresses whole-person health needs (body, mind, and soul) through preventative care and health education. 


Also serving Yezidi Internally Displaced People, this project identifies lactation-risk pregnant women and new mothers, providing classes and ongoing support to keep women exclusively breastfeeding until at least an infant age of 6 months. Through Babywell, we train local women (most of whom have medical backgrounds) to teach, address specific breastfeeding problems, and monitor infant nutritional health. They work in the FamilyWell clinic and also regularly visit women in their tent homes in the camps.


In September 2022 an STLI counselor started seeing clients at the FamilyWell Clinic in Khanke. This STLI counselor works to address trauma, chronic mental illness, depression, anxiety, and marital and family issues.


Additional STLI Work in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Field Administration & Accounting

The STLI KRI Administrative Personnel in Duhok provides vital accounting support, training, and document needs for in-country ex-pat workers and their families.

Annual Conference (new)

STLI KRI personnel gathers each fall.

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