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Kyrgyzstan mountains

STLI Projects in Kyrgyzstan

Grassroots best practices training in agriculture including consultations for nut and fruit tree propagation, crop production, grafting, and growing vegetables and flowers for small business sales.

Agricultural Support Project, Nuts

The Kara-Suu Project in the rural south includes a range of health-related teachings such as teeth-brushing for preschoolers, support for adolescent girls, leadership training with teens, and pregnancy classes for young mothers. They also assist with phototherapy light distribution in the South.

Community Development

Reducing the causes of cerebral palsy through phototherapy light construction, distribution, and training for treating jaundice in infants.

Disability Prevention

Expat and local medical professionals (family medicine, pediatric, and other specialists) travel throughout Kyrgyzstan providing free holistic medical care in underserved regions, working in concert with local leadership.

Mobile Medical Clinic

Training in the fundamentals of animal husbandry (cows) so that local resources (cows, feed, crops, etc.) are used more efficiently and livelihoods in rural areas are improved.

Agricultural Support Project, Dairy Cows

Appropriate Technology Introduction in Kyrgyzstan (ATIK) includes working with local farmers to solve their felt needs in the areas of water systems, housing insulation, solar power, and stove efficiency.


This project assists families with disabled family members (especially children) through training, coordination of equipment, and distribution of resources to people with special needs, their families, health workers, partnering NGOs, and other community groups as appropriate.

Disabilities/Family Assistance

Helping to address Kyrgyzstan's rural healthcare crisis by training and mentoring rural health workers both online and in-person, including nurses, mid-level providers, and family medicine residents and trainers. The goal is to help our local partners equip a new generation of interdisciplinary rural health teams.

Rural Health Project

Additional STLI Work in Kyrgyzstan

Field Administration & Accounting

The STLI Kyrgyzstan Administrative Personnel in Bishkek provides vital accounting support, training, and document needs for in-country ex-pat workers and their families.


Mentoring local counselors in Kyrgyzstan to support a growing need and awareness of mental health care.

Business Sustainability

Training, consulting, and reproducible methods to develop small businesses in villages around the country.


Providing English language classes, practice, training, and consulting to enhance future job opportunities for students

Annual Conference

STLI Kyrgyzstan personnel living and serving around the country gathers each spring.

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